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Protein Powder To Build Muscle

When trying to achieve a certain fitness level whether it is weight loss or mass gain only 50% of it depends on the workout the rest is on food intake. Mass or muscle gain is best achieved by adding lots of protein to your diet. Protein which makes up to 16% of a person’s body weight is essential for building muscles and other body parts. Using protein powder to build muscle is seen by many people as a better option to meats which are high in protein but also contains saturated fats.

Protein Powder To Build Muscle


· Soluble

The powder is able to dissolve in common drinks such as milk, juice and water all you need to do is add it then shake.

· Variety

They come in four main varieties which include; Casein, whey, soy and rice. The most common variety being; Casein and whey which are derivatives of milk. Soy and rice are usually favored by vegetarian but whey and casein powder are digested faster which is essential after a workout.

· Enhancements

Most common protein powders to build muscle are usually not tasty but different flavors are offered to make it easier to drink it.

Protein Powder


· Convenience

All you need to make a protein shake from protein powder is water or juice mix it, providing a great post workout replenishment.

· Low fat

Using protein powder to build muscle provides you with all your nutritional needs without cholesterol or saturated fats.

· An improved immune system

Supplementing your protein intake with protein powder has been proven to boost your immunity especially when performing strenuous activities.

· Reduce hunger

One uses protein powder to build muscle but eating unnecessarily will bring about fatty mass.

· Reduces fat and preserves existing muscle

The protein powder aids you in achieving your goal faster by doing this.

· Reduces the risk of cancer

You can look good while keeping certain forms of cancer such as colon or prostate at bay.

Final verdict

Protein powders are usually natural and nutritionally sound unlike many popular beliefs. They are convenient to use and are cheaper than going out to eat the actual amount of protein you need. There are however drawbacks to using it, some people might be allergic to one or more of the proteins in the mixture causing health risks. Its convenience of use can also be a drawback as it is easy to consume more than the recommended amount. It might also cause problems to you digestive tract if you are lactose intolerant. All in all protein powders give you what they promise if you do not suffer from any allergies.

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